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Aims and objective of the Organisation

The institution of Lokayukta has been set up to inquire into the allegations against Public Functionaries in the National Capital Territory of Delhi and for matters connected therewith.


The mission of the Institution of Lokayukta is as under:-

  1. To eradicate the vice of corruption, favouritism, abuse of position & power among the public functionaries.

  2. To improve efficiency & to present correct image of the top public functionaries;and

  3. To promote fairness & honesty.

Brief History and Background of the Establishment

The Delhi Lokayukta & Uplokayukta Act,1995(Delhi Act No.1 of 1996) came into force on 22nd Sept., 1997 and the first Lokayukta HMJ R.N.Aggarwal was appointed on 01.12.1997 for a term of five years. The second Lokayukta HMJ Mohd. Shamim assumed charge  on .12.03.2003 for a period of five years. The third Lokayukta HMJ Manmohan Sarin was appointed on 06.11.2008 for a term of five years.  The fourth Lokayukta HMJ Reva Khetrapal assumed charge w.e.f. 17.12.2015. At present, current lokayukta is HMJ Harish Chandra Mishra.